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Microsoft - ToSHIBA DYnaedge 

Marketing contents creation, user scenario creation 


Create a 'Vision Demonstrator' type use case scenario for Toshiba's 'dynaEdge Device'. This was a part of Microsoft Azure's OEM partner sales enablement program.


A presentation deck that consist of :

   - use case scenarios that will showcase device and application features

   - industry leading visuals

   - concept user interfaces for application 

   - solution outcome/business benefits for using Toshiba device and Microsoft Azure

My Role

- Interact with clients 

- Create user scenario and business requirement document

- Create wireframe for application

- Provide guidance for visual/UI designers

- Accommodate weekly meeting with clients to discuss about progress and feedback

MY Interaction

- Microsoft client 

- Business stakeholder from Toshiba

- External partner who creates promotional video 

- Visual designer 

- UI designer

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